Reiki Reflexology

Read on and see howyou can get a complimentary consultation


An Amazing Combination of

The Ancient HealingArt



and the Physical,relaxing andhealing therapies of


All from the comfortof your own home

No matter where youare in the world


Reiki Reflexology isdesigned for today’s hectic lifestlye and definitelyfor today’s online and offline economic stressors we all face.


These stressors havebecome chronic in 95% of the western population

It’s unhealthy

It’s inhumane


It’s got to change


And I’m willing to letthe change begin with me.


inner health and the ability to recover from today’s parasiticlifestyles is paramount on one’s ability to remove all stressors from the body,mind and perhaps more importantly – the subconscious

To recover fully andto function completely, the body needs to maintain



Health, Happiness andProsperity


You may simply call itpeace of mind and living the laws of the universe

I call it ReikiReflexology


Enter your informationbelow I will email you personally with further instructions to confirm datesand times the remote session will be performed on your behalf.  It is best if you are not driving and will beat home relaxing in a chair or sleeping – depending on your time zone.

Best times will bearranged during your initial consultation which is of course free unless youchoose to order direct below.

Please enter on the  first form  if you do not wish to pay via alertpay and please do tell me your expectations for thissession, stress levels and other wellness issues you may be experiencing.

All initial contactsare complimentary and informational only. I do not and will not recommend you stop or change any currentlyprescribed medications and will not interfere in your docotor’sconsultations of your best health practices.

Should you, howeverwish to compliment your medical health with reikireflexology and  decideto donate or purchase a session package, the cost is $100 per 7 consecutivesessions.

Additional sessionsafter the initial 7 and special rates for members or previous clients are $5.00per distant session.

Single sessions are$25.00 each



your feedback is expected for all Reiki Reflexology Sessionsand is very much appreciated.  I am not afly by night practictioner and genuinely wish to helpin any way I can.  I do not prescribemedications or use any physical tools. My intent and focus and concentration is allthat occurs during a session.  Theuniverse takes over from there and healing occurs for the highest good of all.


Linda Ley

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Thank You to all that have provided testimonials to the power of distance reiki.

Anne from South Africa (Silver Jade)

I can pretty much guarantee that if you are looking for a meaningful tarot card prediction of your future life and blessings for 2012 and beyond - this woman will definitely lay it on the line in plain english and intelligent, technological readings. If you are wondering if your inuitive self is right - she can confirm or deny your thoughts with one simple reading.

Anne is absolutely AMAZING!!! She's there for her customers and is a powerful insight into your own life as well as what the universe has in store for your experiences. She even runs a "suicide" line and helps all that come to her. When you feel there is no hope - there is ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO CARES!!!

With Anne Stander's guidance as the SILVER GURU of magic and tarot - you will see the next positive step in your life - the way out of that sinking unemployment situation, the will to keep going when it looks like you can't anymore, and the direction to pull it all together in your life.

Let SilverJade help you through the down times - you will be absolutely thrilled with the results - give her free readings a try too - you'll be amazed at how much of a target one simple question will hit....Bulls eye into your mind....

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Get a Personal and Accurate reading here from Silver Jade

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