"With all its designer drugs and state-of-the-art machinery, you'd think modern medicine is the perfect fix for providing patient-focused care."

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"You might also expect that Americans would be the healthiest people on Earth, seeing that the U.S. is the epicenter of all this technology, and especially since we spend more on health care than any other country in the world.

Yet, every year in the U.S., seven out of 10 deaths are due to preventable chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, and obesity.

How can that be?

How is it that we're not just chronically ill, but also lagging behind most industrialized nations in life expectancy?

The answer lies in how we approach health care: like it or not, the real focus of modern medicine is on selling disease and making money, not making you well.

New Disease Definitions and Phony Parameters Feed Pharma's Pockets."

"From blood pressure guidelines to mental illness definitions and dozens of other physical ailments, modern medicine's bottom line for only treating symptoms is to expand the indications for the drug pipeline. And that's not just in the United States. For most of the world, the definition of health "care" has become interchangeable with drug interventions. I put the word "care" in quotations to indicate this is modern medicine's definition, not mine."

"I'll explain my personal definition of health care later in this article, but for the standard paradigm, it's apparent it means not only lowering the minimum acceptable parameters for blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes, but creating new "diseases" to be "treated." The result is that more people than ever are now on drugs for preventable chronic conditions. Unfortunately, all these drugs haven't made us healthier. Instead, we just keep spending more money, with 75 percent of every health care dollar going to chronic disease treatment.

In 2008 alone, Americans spent $2.3 trillion on this type of health "care" – three times the $714 billion spent in 1990, and more than eight times the $253 billion spent in 1980.

In other parts of the world, 36 million people die every year due to chronic diseases – which health officials predict will cost $47 trillion a year by 2030. The numbers are so staggering that the United Nations has formed a special committee just to address strategies for addressing chronic disease. The committees met several times, most recently in New York City, where they declared war on salt, junk food, and tobacco as their first move toward reigning in health care costs."

The #1 Cause of Accidental Death in the U.S. - Are You at Risk?

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