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Skeletal System - Reflexes

The reflexes for the Skeletal system provide a framework for support, protection, storage and movement of the body. The spinal area starts with 7 cervical vertebrae, called C1 to C7 About half way down the medial side of the big toe. Shortly after the 5th metatarsal(on the medial side) begins the Thoracic vertebrae region - a combination of 12 vertebrae called T1 to T12. Below that are the Lumbar, Sacral and Pelvic areas - the location of most bad backs. The spinal column - intermingled with 7200+ nervous tissue match the 26 bones in the foot and the 7200 nerve endings are all in each foot as well. Reflexes affecting the skeleton are the Teeth, Jaw, Chest, Ribs, Elbow, Knee, Thigh, Hip, Shoulder, armpit, arm, leg and low back.

Feet and Hands are like a remote control for the body and help release lymphatic matter and improve circulation and overall body balance - which helps restore physiological equilibrium.

Every Gland, Organ and System in the Body is Mapped Out Emotionally And Physically on the Feet and Hands. Reflexology is a "Touch" process for the feet that activates natural healing.

Reglexology Believes All Physical Imbalances Manifest From An Emotional One. And In Reality, Science Is Now Proving That All Illness Is The Result Of An Emotional Imbalance Or Belief.

When You Press and Release Certain "Reflex" Points Or Meridians, It Sends Vibrations Through Your Veins And Nerves To Help Heal Your Body. (much like a hose to water the garden - if you jump up and down on the hose, the water will stop and start flowing)

By Pressing And Releasing Reflexes, Imbalances Have Opportunity To Become Balanced And Their Energy Blockages Removed.

Try this crossword puzzle on the skeletal system - test your knowledge

Crossword Puzzle Part A

Bart B - the Questions

The Answers

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